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Live Life to the Fullest!



At Associates Life Coaching & Counseling we offer Spirtual Direction and Pastoral/Christian Counseling to those that are trying to live life to the full using spirtuality as a guide. We specialize with guiding clergy and other religious in an confidential none judgemental environment. We also guide lay person as well that desire to include spirituality or christian beliefs and/or practices in a christian counseling model. 

Our Mission


We believe that all should give up the goal of having a perfect past. We should reconcile our past through forgiveness as we are all forgiven by the unconditional love of Christ.  We believe in providing religous and lay people an enviroment to reconcile themselves so that they effectively help others knowing that christian leaders are wounded healers. 

Our Approach


We believe in an Ecumunical approach and can effectively support Catholic, Protestants and other religious beliefs. We believe in  cultural competency. 

Hours of Operation


Ours of operation is flexiable:


We are available 7 days a week by appointment and will make arrangements for crisis intervention. 

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